The LTSN has several kinds of membership. Types of person membership include:

  • Supporter: Any individual who has attended at least one event and is currently subscribed to some form of communication. Being a supporter of the LTSN is free, but comes with no voting rights.
  • Individual Member: Any individual who has contributed labor to the LTSN, has attended at least one event, and who has paid their current year’s membership dues. Individual members get 1 vote.
    • Individual Yearly Membership Rate Formula (any person can only be counted once):
      • Rate = [Yearly Household Income * 0.001] / [# People in Household + # Children supported]
    • Yearly Household Income is the total income for the household in which the person resides. This is typically documented by submitting one or more income tax returns, but can be documented with pay stubs or other documents. If a person is not in a close relationship with their co-habitors, their personal tax return or a tax return where they are claimed as a dependent is sufficient to count as a household.
    • People in Household is the number of people who reside in the household. All income used to support the household must be used to get the discount for each person.
    • Children supported typically is used to include a discount for child support payments, one discount per child supported. Occasionally other circumstances are deemed to be relevant to this discount.
  • Worker Member: Any individual who is currently employed by the LTSN. Worker members do not have to pay dues since their work for the LTSN constitutes their dues contribution. Otherwise, they are identical to individual members, and get 1 vote.
  • Organization Representative: An individual member who has also been designated as a formal representative of an organization affiliate. They get 1 vote, but their organization can pay their membership dues. Furthermore, their organization is required to pay a representation fee for each organization representative. Organization Representatives vote their own conscience, but it is expected that often this will represent their organization’s interests.

Types of organization membership include:

  • Organization – Incubation: An organization that is in its formative stages, and has formally affiliated with the LTSN. These organizations do not pay membership dues as they are currently receiving entrepreneurial support from the LTSN. Typically these organizations sign a contract to commit to being a member for a number of years once they get sustained revenue.
  • Organization – Affiliate: An organization that has paid affiliate membership dues.
    • We are in the process of establishing a sliding scale based on organization revenues.
    • Currently, minimum annual membership dues for an organization are $200. At the moment, we are offering a free one-day sustainability consulting session with all Affiliate memberships.
    • Representative fees are currently $25 per year per representative.
  • Other memberships coming soon.

Membership Benefits

All paid memberships come with the ability to purchase sustainable goods and services through the LTSN at member rates. Currently, many of these goods and services are still being set up, so please email Ingbert at to inquire about what goods and services are currently available and what will be available soon.

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