At LTSN we understand sustainability to have the following components:

Social Sustainability: For an organization to thrive, the people that make the organization work must thrive. This includes not only the workers in the organization, but the people outside the organization who interact with it: customers, vendors, and the communities it is located within (its neighbors).

Environmental Sustainability: For an organization to thrive, the environment and ecosystem it is a part of must thrive. This includes everything from local issues like chemical spills and pollution to regional issues such as trash disposal to global issues like climate change.

Resource Sustainability: For an organization to survive in the long-run, it must have a sustainable means of resource acquisition and use, either through resource generation, recycling, or collecting self-renewing resources. All resources are included in this consideration, from sustainable revenue streams to developing sustainable energy sources, from using recycled raw materials to crafting packaging and products to be easily recycled in the future.



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